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  • We program in USA time Zone 8:00 am PST to 6:00 PM PST
  • Our developers adhere strictly to international coding guidelines & standards, quality and timely project delivery
  • Great English Speaking is just another one of our many Skill Sets
  • Our Project Managers are Highly Technical Programming Nerds
  • You Own the Source Code and IP
  • We work in a highly organized fashion to deliver great products
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Coding Brains’ BI team of experts helps its clients convert the strategic business objectives and goals into BI strategy and convert these ideas into actionable results. With lots of successful deployment across verticals, technologies, and products we have partnered with many customers and transformed their business. Our highly motivated Professionals are 100% committed to customer satisfaction in all services that we deliver.


IT Consulting

Resource allocation is becoming increasingly more convoluted and less predictable for companies that must respond quickly to an erratic and changing environment. Added to this challenge is the increasing gap between available funding and project needs. Coding Brains offers management and control of resources to ensure that you successfully achieve an organization’s strategic business objectives.

Coding Brains provides the program and project management expertise necessary to be successful. We offer the qualifications and understanding to manage even the most convoluted programs based on your needs. Our services include the competency to manage projects, programs and initiatives efficiently – at whatever level is required.

Computer Network

Software Consulting

Coding Brains offers top notch Software Consulting which includes Enterprise solutions, Software & Web development and Mobile application development services.

Our skilled software consultants and business analysts can help you design, develop, and implement software solutions for your business functions in order to optimize your business efficiency and productivity.

Our Software Consulting Services are:

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Mobile Development Services
  • Application Development Services
  • Testing Services
  • Design Services

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides a highly flexible environment that enables on-demand infrastructure competency over the internet to scalable computing resources, such as, servers, networks, storage, services, and applications that can be deployed quickly with cost efficiency and minimal management effort.
Organizations are grasping cloud to benefit from the cost-efficiencies, scalability, and responsiveness that cloud computing offers. The revolution to a cloud environment is a significant enterprise endeavor that has a tremendous impact on the way IT organizations operate and the way services are delivered to business users.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

The competency to collect and analyze internal and external data can address how well an organization can generate knowledge and ultimately value. Coding Brains offers an inclusive set of Business Intelligence services to help clients harness structured data to improve financial management, decision-making, regulatory compliance and customer service.

Our collection of information strategy and analytics services analyze, measure, and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise. We help Organizations across multiple verticals evaluate the business problems and then propose innovative business intelligence and analytical solutions which link strategy with actions and create collaboration between organizations short-term and long-term priorities and business objectives. With our mission to be a revolutionary partner we constantly innovate and have in place a set of frameworks, methodologies, checklists and IP assets that help us strategize BI initiatives.