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Usability is not about waving a magic rod.It is about analyzing how a user interacts with a web page and using that information to make your site as user-friendly as possible.


Graphic Design

Coding Brains offers a complete range of high quality graphic design services for all your advertising & marketing needs. We specialize in graphic design solutions which creatively integrate all aspects of visual communication to strengthen your brand, your corporate image and communication across all media.

Whether you need a logo, brochure, visiting card, banner or anything that relates to graphics – we can do it all and make your business look great!
But our service offerings don’t end at graphic design alone and rather we provide strategically planned & coordinated web design, graphic design & web development services which bring you the desired results from all fronts and you don’t have to search for different providers for different services.


Multimedia Websites

At Coding Brains, we believe in being creative and innovative at all times. We are reputed for our great work along with handling clients and providing all Multimedia solutions to the client and increasing their business.

Coding Brains pioneers in offshore multimedia development solutions and specializes in business to provide services to its clients across the globe. Coding Brains’ expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity with strategic advantage of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development in more ways than one. Thereby improving speed, reliability, agility and enabling Coding Brains clients to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competition.


Usability Analysis

Have you ever deliberated that your visitors probably are not familiar with the layout of your web pages and so cannot intuitively find their way around? Are you well-known with the layout and content of your web pages that you know where to go to find what you want without even thinking about it?

A usability analysis can tell you which part of your page users view first, where they go next and how long they stay. This organized look at your web pages can come out with the layout, content and overall look of a page to ensure maximum impact; for example if the majority of users look at the bottom left-hand of a page first, then that may be an excellent spot to advertise any special offers or contact details.