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Gaming has become a fundamental part of people’s lives in the mobile industry. Lots of smartphone users spend some time during the day playing games on their mobile devices, laptops or tablets. There is a growing demand of games as mobile game development is actively developing.

Coding Brains provides game development services in different platforms which include:


iPhone Game Development

iPhone game development is a fast growing industry these days. Huge amount of smartphone users spend some time to play games on mobile devices and tablets. This market is consistently growing and improving and so, engaging business owners to create iOS games for children, teenagers and adults. Thousands of games for mobiles are released by mobile game development companies across the globe on a regular basis.

Coding Brains’ experienced team of iPhone game designers and developers will help you to conceptualize and create a game that will wow audiences the world over.Our team of Expert iPhone game developers works with a vast variety of technologies and tools including Cocos2d, Cocoa, Box2D and more. We can integrate a variety of SDKs into your game depending on the publishing goal. We assure high performance graphics, strong core game mechanics, bug free coding and extensive testing to ensure that your iPhone game has all it needs to succeed.


Android Game Development

Coding Brains provides the best platforms for the best user experience of Android games. Coding Brains is creating an unbelievable edge in android game development market with its unique policies and procedures. Our company stands recognizable than any other company with its best features and benefits like custom 2D & 3D games, excellent graphic visualization, best user interface designs, more user friendly game development and etc. Our developers’ expertise gives an impeccable shape for your ideas and views by using latest tools and technologies.

Coding Brains includes well experienced android game developers and our design and development team is enthusiastic in transforming the innovative ideas into 2D and 3D games offering a real world gaming experience. We stand exclusive in the android market due to the superlative performance our applications offer along with the quality services. Our android game development team develops games which are challenging, interactive and takes you through the surprising journey like never before.


iPad Game Development

The launch of the iPad started a new era in tablet gaming. Apple has taken hand-held gaming to the next level by enabling the device with innovative gaming features. The high-resolution, LED-backlit display on iPad is remarkably fresh and vivid, which boosts an immersive gaming experience. iPad’s multi-touch options, high performance, long battery-life, thin & compact design and LED screen enables the iPad game developer to build graphic-rich, highly-interactive games.

We believe in creating games that make full use of state-of-the-art gaming features like accelerometer, gyroscope and device inter-connectivity. Our iPad programmers enrich gaming ideas with striking graphics, exciting gameplay, engaging design and absorbing storyboards. The end result is a fun and addictive game that sells like hot cakes on the App Store.
At Coding Brains, you can hire iPad Game Developers who can gratify your game development requirements as we have the creativity, talent and expertise to fulfill them.