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In the past few years, mobile devices have emerged from just providing enterprise data and email on the move, to introducing applications and services that is likely to change the way companies do business. Companies can reach out to their customers more effectively with the help of mobility.



Coding Brains offers a wider range of extra-ordinary services in iPhone Application Development. We have a team of skilled experts in iPhone app development who fetches an extensive variety of iPhone apps that make us a prominent player. With advanced iOS application development methodology, we are always acquainted towards long term value of our client’s deal in the platform of mobile computing.



With years of business understanding and best observers, Coding Brains’ Android developers are very well experienced with the tools of Android software development and industry specific mobility solutions. Our specific Android app development services provide assurance that your app is optimized for speed, performance and appearance on Android devices. We identify all opportunities of mobility clarifications and endorse a finest outcome for you.


Coding Brains specializes in development and consulting services for windows phone operating systems for all windows supported devices including Smartphone and tablets. Our applications are built for everyone; be it individuals or business organizations. Our services for windows phone include management based applications, location-based applications, data storage based applications, and applications with superior quality graphics. We make quality applications for various industries, including social media and networking for windows, informative media, news and information, entertainment, corporate sector, fitness and health as well as lifestyle.


There is no doubt that mobility has transformed the enterprise. It has increased the productivity and enhanced the revenue as mobility has offered an alternative way for customers including new features such as location and presence.

While this transformation is taking place, it is also interrupting the enterprise by building new business models and also eliminating old ones. Enterprises must adapt more quickly to the mobile revolution or run the risk of being left behind by flexible competitors. Some of the challenges for enterprise mobility are:

Security and risk: Mobile users frequently access sensitive data and applications that may be stored on the device or in a public/private cloud. It is difficult for security and management vendors to provide uniform policy enforcement across all devices because of the number of different security capabilities supported across different operating system types and versions. Cloud security must also be assessed as a component of an overall mobile strategy.

User experience: It has become one of the most important measures of success for every mobility project. There is a pressure of making a great UX for applications.

Collaboration and content: Today the ways people use to communicate with others have changed. Most of the enterprises are dealing with iPads to exchange information rather than traditional desktops and potentially putting enterprise information at risk.

How Coding Brains delivers business value:  We enable companies to maximize the potential of their mobile implementation throughout the mobility journey.

Coding Brains provides a blend of latest mobile technologies, methods and integration to deliver innovation that matters and business value that lasts beyond few business cycles. With our efficient operations and mobility solutions companies create new efficiencies with mobile-driven business processes. We help you to reduce your time to market with our applications and components.

Our mobility experts will work with you to develop your organization’s mobile prototype and implement across a diverse range of mobile platforms and devices.