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  • We program in USA time Zone 8:00 am PST to 6:00 PM PST
  • Our developers adhere strictly to international coding guidelines & standards, quality and timely project delivery
  • Great English Speaking is just another one of our many Skill Sets
  • Our Project Managers are Highly Technical Programming Nerds
  • You Own the Source Code and IP
  • We work in a highly organized fashion to deliver great products
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We believe success requires the incorporation of critical quality characteristics into everything we do every day. At the foundation stand those leading quality characteristics that span all quality processes, over all industries.

A Defined End Goal

Comprehensive definition of the end goal of the quality process and project is crucial to success.

Work Done Right the First Time

Rework is costly and a waste of resources and manpower. Coding Brains’ quality processes focus on how to do work right the first time and get rid of from rework.

Individual Responsibility for Quality

The Individual doing the work can only do it right the first time if they are given the right information and tools when they need them. Accordingly, our quality processes focus on providing these to the individual and then holding them responsible for achieving the expected level of quality.

Verification, Not Inspection

Inspection finds problems already made. Furthermore, the verification process identifies and resolves issues before they are systemic and additional work occur over them. Therefore, our quality processes focus on the on-going verification of quality achievement and not only inspection at the end.

Long-Term Focus

Coding Brains’ quality processes look beyond the creation of a product to how it is used and its long-term success.

Improved Quality Results in Lower Costs

The bottom line of all quality processes is to provide value to all stakeholders. If the process does not maintain value, then it will not be embraced and maintained.

By focusing on making quality a culture, Coding Brains has been able to establish an industry leading quality program composed of the best tools and approaches of many industry quality processes.