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Why Coding Brains is Top rated at so many places?

  • We program in USA time Zone 8:00 am PST to 6:00 PM PST
  • Our developers adhere strictly to international coding guidelines & standards, quality and timely project delivery
  • Great English Speaking is just another one of our many Skill Sets
  • Our Project Managers are Highly Technical Programming Nerds
  • You Own the Source Code and IP
  • We work in a highly organized fashion to deliver great products
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Customer Loyalty

We consistently provide the highest quality and value to earn customer loyalty and respect.



We earn sufficient profit to create value for our shareholders, finance growth and achieve our corporate objectives.



We recognize and grab opportunities for growth that builds upon our strengths and competencies.


Market Leadership

We are always at the front of marketplace by developing and delivering excellent innovative Products, Services, and Solutions.


Commitment to employees

We determine our commitment to employees by promoting and rewarding based on
Performance and by creating a work environment that reflects our values.


Leadership Capabilities

We advance leaders at all levels to achieve business results, exemplify our values and lead us to grow and win.